Monday, August 27, 2007


“We ought to thank God always for you, brethren, as is fitting, because your faith flourishes ever more, and the love of every one of you for one another grows ever greater.”(2 Thes 1:3)

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the Diocese of Cubao on August 28, 2007, let us join hands in thanking the Lord for all the blessings He has bestowed on us the past years. Like Mary we praise and magnify the Lord for all the wonderful things he has done. With humility, we continue to ask the Lord to guide us and help us bring to completion what He has started in our diocese in terms of vision, mission, goals and pastoral priorities.

I thank God for the priests of Cubao. They are not prefect and yet they always aim for excellence in their priestly life and ministry. Indeed, they are important partners and companions in building the local Church and in carrying our much needed evangelization work. In spite of the lack of priests even with the presence of guests priests among us, whose work we value and esteem, our priests continue to invest time and talent in ensuring that the different diocesan offices are managed well and the various pastoral programs implemented effectively. Thank you for taking seriously the mission that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, had entrusted to us. I see that the brotherhood you have as a presbyterium is truly a treasure to the diocese and an inspiration to me. Today more than ever, we need to affirm this brotherhood in order to face with honesty and openness the tensions created by the recent general reshuffle, to finalize our program for sabbatical leave, to put into action our plan for our Bahaypari, to solidify our clergy tithing program, to evaluate our standardization program, and to ensure by our support and encouragement that we sustain the zeal of every priest, especially the new ones, in order to remain faithful until the end.

I thank God for our lay people. Your support and participation in various ministries and pastoral programs in the diocesan and parochial levels are indeed commendable. Together we tried to give life to nine priorities, that is, the nine point agenda, which we believe are concerns that merit our outmost attention. Thank you for being part of the different pastoral teams that make the ministries work. Thank you for participating in the different formation programs that we continue to hold. Formation is a priority for we believe that it is through formation that we become empowered. In a special way, I commend the organizers and faithful participants of the lay pastoral assembly. We need to come together, clergy and lay people, and work together to make our diocese more alive and dynamic. Together let us ensure that every community in our parishes become a Basic Ecclesial Community, that every Filipino family lives as a true Christian family, that genuine service and long-term development is brought to the poorest of the poor among us, that no Filipino child among us is ignorant of his or her faith because we lack catechists, that every young Filipino among us is able to harness his/her energy and youthfulness for the service of the Church and the greater glory of God. I am grateful for we have already achieved so much, but still much is to be done. With you my dear lay people we can overcome.

I thank God for the religious men and women. Your presence in the diocese is truly a gem that reminds all of us to continue seeking for the “pearl of great price.” Thank you for being faithful witnesses of what is truly beautiful, worthwhile and lasting in this life. Your presence is service enough for us, but deep in my heart I know that working closely together can bring more good to our diocese. I invite you to explore with me how the charisms of your congregation can truly enrich the life of the diocese and how the diocese can be a partner in promoting your apostolate and ministries. Thank you for welcoming me warmly to your houses to celebrate the Eucharist, to administer confirmation, to lead you in your profession, in ordination, in the renewal of your vows. Now, I humbly ask you to welcome me to your houses as we discover how can the diocese can be of help to you and how you can be of help to the diocese.

Our vision, one with the vision of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines, is to be a Church of the poor. Poverty continue to be a major obstacle for many of our fellow Filipinos to live a dignified and decent life as children of a loving Father. I Thank those who are involved in implementing programs that directly affect the least, the last and the lost among us. Still, much is to be done. Solidarity with the poor is achieved primarily by the simplicity of our life. Let us organize more programs and opportunities to make the “unchurched” become part of every parish’s life. One diocesan program that will directly benefit the poorest among us is the Stewardship program. We give not because of a need; we give because we need to give. I am thankful because some parishes in our diocese are already doing the stewardship program, but I dream for the day when all the parishes in Cubao practice stewardship.

Let us continue to pray and work together giving witness to Christ in the way we do our different responsibilities with love, zeal and enthusiasm.

Lord bless, guide and keep you all!

Mabuhay po kayo! Mabuhay po ang Diocese of Cubao!



Bishop of Cubao

August 24, 2007

Feast of St. Bartholomew, Apostle.

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